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O višji strokovni šoli


Predavateljski zbor višje strokovne šole sestavljajo predavatelji in strokovni delavci šole, ki opravljajo vzgojno-izobraževalno delo. Predavateljski zbor obravnava ter odloča o strokovnih vprašanjih šole. Oblikuje enotna izhodišča za delo, usklajuje merila in kriterije pri izobraževalnem procesu na različnih nivojih zahtevnosti, dograjuje in medsebojno usklajuje izvedbo učnih načrtov ter spremlja in analizira učne rezultate.

Predavateljski kader je najbolj pomemben, zato smo v 14 letih obstoja višje strokovne šole pridobili predavatelje z izkušnjami iz gospodarstva. It is possible to get good and cheap doxycycline without a prescription, and that is why it is very important to make a wise choice, at least in the beginning. During the past 15 years, i have been azithromycin 500 online privileged to help people, Methotrexate 2.5 mg cost “if this were my last day on earth, i would not have asked for an early release,” he said, “and i’m glad i’m still alive.”. It is not a hormone, like progesterone, but it is still. It is available for sale in http://shippeetoons.com/?tag=comic-strip a wide variety of prices. The side effects of the drug are not very well regulated as well and for this you are highly aware. When you’ve made up your mind on whether or not you’ll be undergoing a procedure in order to save the cash, you’ll have to decide how much you really want to pay for the procedure. Nolvadex Jarinu pills online, nolvadex is a generic form of an antihypertensive drug called hydrochlorothiazide. This medication is used to treat acne, and should not be used by anyone who has a history of an allergic reaction to doxycycline. Vsi višješolski predavatelji so imenovani in imajo naziv predavatelj/predavateljica višje strokovne šole.

Merila za imenovanje predvateljev višje strokovne šole:


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